heart tattoo designs- get unique heart tattoo for your back tattoos designs

heart tattoo designs
heart tattoo designs for girls on back

The heart holds a special place amongst the lovers. In the same context heart tattoos have been considered as mediums of expressions of feelings and emotions. A heart tattoo has dominated the tattoo world since long time. Both male and female lovers appreciate this tattoo design and are fond of having this.

Many heart tattoos designs bear the name of a loved one in the middle.

Some heart designs would bear the name of a loved one in the middle. This means that there is a strong sense of relationship for the person. And the tattoo reminds of that person. Red colour highlights the image. So there are contrasting shades of red that would create the effect of depth and realness to the final effect.

Chains of thorny wires drawn around the heart give the illustration which is similar to a Romeo and Juliet theme. A tragedy is involved behind this theme. It may also signify a captive heart that would mean the person having this design is already committed to someone or something. Many people wear a bleeding heart design. In some designs you may see heart drawn with blood spilled on it.

Some other funky and trendy styled simple heart shaped tattoo designs are appealing to the younger generation. Female teens also like to wear a chain of small flowers that makes a heart shaped image. Some designs replace these small flowers by the letters of a person taking the form of a heart.

Heart designs serves as a lasting reminder of sentiments to a person. Both genders sport the heart design quiet comfortably as this stands for love, affection and remembrance of the beloved persons. Years pass by but not love that is the beauty of it.

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