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Women And Tattoos Today

Women tattoos are no longer a ‘under wraps’ concept. They have taken over the tattoo scene in a big way and today there are more women tattoo artists, female tattoo designers, and female tattoo parlor owners than ever before. The best part about women making an aggressive entry in the tattoo world has give rise to two important developments: they are making innovations in the design elements; they are making innovations in the location of the tattoos as well.

Gone are the days when a woman would stick to the lower back area of her body and think it to be the sexiest thing on earth, thank god! :)

Women are coming up with some of the most daring and bold statements in tattoos. For instance, how about female chest tattoos? Without sounding defamatory, the female chest is indeed a broad and big area for a traditional, extensive design to be etched out. Many women are taking the help of traditional design concepts like sacred heart and sparrows and remodeling it to suit modern times. The female chest is a great place for an elaborate tattoo to glow and add to her glamour.

For the past 10 to 15 years, the lower back area was the only place where women had their tattoos. No more. The upper back tattoo has taken over the fashion world. As a complementary development, it has also given rise to low-rise jeans and other fashion accessories. The female upper back tattoo is now seeing further improvements, where women are getting their whole back tattooed.

Tattoo sleeves are another design trend noticed often today. They are extremely feminine in nature, and women are sporting full sleeve tattoos, where instead of skull and cross bones, women are choosing dragonflies, fairies or even the traditional fish tattoos.

The style, imagination and creativity in women tattoo are truly mind-boggling. The innovations in women tattoos take the traditional tattoo designs as the backdrop and modernize it with various creative and imaginative elements. The result is indeed attractive.

It is indeed difficult to surmise whether celerity endorsements have anything to do with the rowing popularity of women tattoos. Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and many more Hollywood superstars have indeed, undoubtedly contributed to its growth and acceptance in the tattoo mainstream.

Now that women tattoos have become more imaginative than ever before, it seems there is no stopping. There are innumerable female tattoo design sites on the net which can offer you an amazing variety of design, colors and individual significance. While butterflies, flowers or a Celtic design have caught the fancy of women tattoos, there is a large variety of tattoo designs which are small, petit and mild in comparison to the more aggressive ones. These appear in thin and delicate lines and have a very dainty appearance.

The larger women tattoos are usually incorporate stars, hearts, roses or tribal tattoos. Many experimental designs are on display at the female tattoo galleries. All you have to do is to firm up your mind and go for the design of your choice.

And the more women with big vibrant colorful pieces, all the better :)

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