Japanese dragons have become one of the most popular designs for Men’s tattoos, originating from Japan, now expanding all over the world. They are fierce looking, generally larger tattoos, that vary in a lot of different colors and styles. We see dragons as big, green, fire breathing creatures, but a lot of people have painted the colors of red and blue, with fire or without. It looks angry, but can mean different things.

Large tattoos such as this (keeping in mind not all these tattoos need to be large) are frequently tattooed onto a man’s back. When made a little bit smaller, men sometimes have them tattooed to their arms or even legs. For the smallest size, or for first tattoos, it could be tattooed to the fingers, wrist or as an arm band or leg band. It’s common to see that the location of the tattoo would generally depend on the size of it.

The Japanese Dragon tattoo symbolizes many different things to many different people. Strength and power, good and evil, even supernatural abilities and great wisdom. Like the Chinese Yin and Yang, brother dragons tattooed on the back can mean the thin line between good and evil, or that the person with the tattoo has both of these sides in them. The movie “Red Dragon” starring Edward Norton, featured the bad guy as having a Japanese Red Dragon tattooed on his back. In ancient history, the red dragon was symbolizing the most fierce, deadly and horrific omen known to the Japanese culture.