Where are some good places for girls to get tattoos?

Personally I would say back of the neck or small of your back. I have tatoo's in both places and I love mine. I will say that the 1 I got on the back of my neck was more painfull, but I think that the person that did mine was rather heavy handed as well. Good luck in your tatoo experience!!

The only thing I can tell you is your tattoo will look best where you feel best at seeing it.

Lower back is probably the best place... People have mixed feelings about it, but I'd say that's the best (in my opinion).

Most of the time it is covered and it can be whatever size you want. It'll age quite well as well.

I have four tattoo's... I have one on my inner right wrist, which I was told by people "girls dont get them there" Yeah well its my body and I want it there. And I love it. I also have one on my left shoulder blade, and just got one recently that starts on my right shoulder blade and wraps around onto my upper arm.

I guess what I am saying is, get it where you want it. There really isnt any particular gender only area anymore.

the top few places would b:
*breast (some where where it wont show when u wear a shirt!)

finaly, This sounds kind of silly, but go by some temporary tattoos. Even if it's not something you would actually get inked you can judge how like something there before you make a permanent decision. Get it wherever you want though, don't feed into the sterotype that guys can do what they want but it will make a girl trashf

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